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  • Am I required to sign a long-term agreement?
    We have a  one-year agreement. After the one year contract you will be on a month to month plan. 
  • Can my website be hacked?
    All websites are at some risk of being hacked, however, we do our best to make sure your site is secure. At My Landscaping Website we make sure that your website and servers are updated frequently so they are using the latest security updates. We also backup your site and our servers regularly in case something does happen to your site. This helps us get it back up and running as quickly as possible. There are some instances that a site is hacked and we cannot repair it. If this happens, we will work with you to find a solution.
  • Should I cancel my current domain name to move it to your service?
    Don’t cancel your domain name. You can still use your same domain name with your new My Landscaping Website. When your new landscaping website is done we will show you how to point your domain name to your new site.
  • Will I own my website?
    No! You paid for the site development but Due to proprietary software, design and development we own the website and will always host it and maintain it.     
  • Will my new website be search engine optimized?
    Each of our Lawn Care websites are optimized for basic search engine optimization so that your site is easy to find. The goal of monthly SEO services is to increase your website’s authority on Google for multiple keywords and to maintain the high rank and not loose it to competitors. Monthly SEO can be critical to rank high in a competitive market.
  • What do I get with My Landscaping Website?
    You get a beautifully designed website that is ready for business. We will set up your site to represent your company and it’s services. Our friendly staff is always willing to help and address any questions that you might have. Customized Homepage Clean & Modern Design 5 to 8 Website Pages 1 Contact Form + Form Security SSL encrypted link between a server and a client Written and edited content included Fully Responsive on all devices Dedicated support team REQUIRED – $75.00 Monthly Hosting Security and Updates.
  • I already have a hosting account. Can I use my own hosting?
    No. Due to proprietary software, design and development we own the website and will always host it and maintain it. 
  • Are we allowed to edit our own website?
    Secure Lawn Care Websites will give you editor access for blogging. All other changes will be made by us. Just send us an email with the required content changes and we will add it to the site. If the changes exceed and hour of service we charge a reasonable fee to make the required edits. 
  • I have an email account with Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail. Should I use it?
    YES you can use any email you prefer. If you want a business email  we do recommend using G-Suite – Or Microsoft 365. ( We can help you set this up for a small fee ) 
  • Does My Landscaping Website Offer Emails – NO
    NO…We do not manage emails. If you want a business email we recommend using a professional platform made for emails such as G-Suite – Or Microsoft 365 ect. ( We can help you set this up for a small fee if needed )